Free Comic Book Day & Submissions

Hark! With Ēostre upon us wherein the old begets new, rebirth begets birth again, we at Theodicy Comics anticipate the holiday of Resurrection as much as any other zealot – albeit with us, that instead means Free Comic Book Day! BadVibes #1 emerges from incubation and pokes it’s little head out of it’s egg this May 7 – hard-hearted be thou who does not nurse the seasonal babe (at no cost whatsoever!) as it is first surveys the outside world with its youthful eyes. Be the safe in the knowledge that the awaited debut is making its way to you soon in digital form, as you sit on the end of your bed, sweating in the Spring sun, rubbing your clammy hands together and counting the hours until Free Comic Book Day. And for those of you for whom that just isn’t enough – who crave some form of artistic fulfilment in a world of sub-spiritual pap – we are most certainly taking submissions. Artists of whatever form, be you pencillers, inkers, colourists and letterers, email us at theodicycomics@gmail.com, ideally with an example of your work. We have various scripts in need of artists (be prepared that you may have to carry out some rather perverse drawings), though if you’ve a story in mind yourself you may pitch that as well, so long as the vibes are suitably bad. We are open to script submissions, though be wary that we already have a fleet of literary talent that you would be competing with, and already being attached to an artist (or being one yourself) will stand you in particularly good stead.


Free issue release

At long last, our fearsome first issue is twitching frantically on its slab, the hot resurrection fluid coursing through its pulpy veins. As it shambles morbidly towards your innocent town with naught on its mind but corrupting your youth, we, the sick alchemists responsible for this abomination, are sending you this morbid forewarning of the terror to come. Behold the perilous preview, completely free of charge (except the toll on your mortal soul, of course)!

The Free Preview Issue: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/303ippx767jmspi/AACKLsGhcRJ7x1V1X-KAC9zRa?dl=0

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Have a happy Samhain!


Hi! We wanted to give you a quick update as to all that’s going on here (or not, as the case may be) at Theodicy Towers. 

We started this company with the intention of collecting and spreading talented creators and their work. The idea sprung from Lee being asked by Vault29 to write The Plastic People Eater story and quickly evolved into an anthology comic idea. A monthly taste of interesting stories and art from the underground and beyond. Over a year of planning, writing and organisation went into setting up the various teams and stories for the book. Along the way, several artists pulled out, some on the eve of deadline for the first issue, which delayed said issue by months. Despite this, we managed to pull together a fantastic first taste, which we put out for Free Comic Book Day 2019. On the day of sending the comic to print, Vault29 pulled out of the project, due to family problems.

Despite this, Bad Vibes Monthly’s debut saw our free taster issue distributed all around the UK’s finest indie and Forbidden Planet International stores, and online as a PDF for free! There were lovely articles about the comic in Pipe Dream Comics and Down The Tubes. We also launched our IndieGoGo and Patreon sites for subscription purposes. Unfortunately, the response was not enough to warrant the expense necessary to produce a monthly, physical comic, especially without the support of Vault29. So, we decided to make it a monthly, free anthology comic. 

With the loss of a physical copy of the comic, came the loss of a couple of artists as well. However, we still manage to put together a tasty 25 page first issue of the comic and shared it across the world. We hope you have downloaded and enjoyed this fantastic little issue. One story ‘The Dummy’ by Michael Powell (a first time comic writer, suggested by Lee) and Phill Elliot was reprinted in The ComicScene Summer Special. 

Sadly, when it came to pulling together issue 2, the content just wasn’t there with some creators dropping entirely off the map and others enthusiasm for the project having waned. 

So it was with regret that we have to put the comic on hold until we can either assemble a new crew (see below), or find the finance to pay for artists and/or physical distribution. All of these things are obviously preferable and our goal but how long it will take, is anyone’s guess. 

PLEASE check out the continuing one page stories ‘Kenba: Galaxy Cop’ by AEW and ‘Omega 2.0 – Space Canteen’ by Natasha Skelton and Lux Vex on the creator’s own social media. We hope to be publishing their stories again soon but you should definitely catch their next instalments.  

The Plastic People Eater will survive, but is in hibernation whilst Lee and Clara De Rambures use this time to tweak and tighten up the story and character design. Watch this space!

Thanks to everybody who has been supportive and part of the journey so far. It ain’t over! 


As you might have read, we are a bit short on artists. It’s a large undertaking to draw a few to several pages to a deadline every month, and many have fell by the way side, so please do seriously only consider this if you are a. a compulsive artist who can’t stop drawing b. interested in more than just the sketching or character design and c. purely doing it for the love of it. 

‘The Devil In The Detail’ by Daniel Wiston is currently seeking someone to take on the story from episode 2 though 12 (we could be convinced to do less but it has to be at least a few issues to be safe) so please have a read and if it’s your bag then get in touch!

The Deadbeats’ also needs an artist after two have now dropped out. A knowledge and love of rock, punk and metal music will be useful as well as a taste for horror and a good laugh. It’s the story of a bunch of Zombies who live in a universe populated by archetypal horror creatures living side by side with humans. Like any self respecting outcasts, they form a punk-rock band. The music (by Smilex) and story are being finished currently, with 3 chapters scripted and ready to go!

We also have many writers getting in touch with fantastic pitches and scripts, all needing artists. These vary in size and length, and therefore commitment. Please get in touch if interested. 

We can’t offer much beyond hooking you up with cool people and trying to get your work out there. One day, if all goes well, we will produce some of these stories in collected, physical form. 

Thanks for reading. No, really, thanks for being able to read, it’s quite a rare things these days!


For more information, please contact: